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Fabric for industrial polishing applications: Discs, Pads, Uncut Fabric

We stock a substantial inventory of high quality fabrics designed for industrial polishing applications, including standard and custom fabrics of natural fiber, synthetic, and a variety of blends. All are available in die-cut polishing disc & pad shapes, to customer specifications, or as uncut goods.

Custom cutting of polishing discs and shapes, as well as custom dies, can be made to specific configurations for optimum compatibility with your process. We invite all inquiries on styles not listed, many of which can be matched from stock.

Acquired by UNIVERSAL PHOTONICS INCORPORATED, manufacturer and global distributor of critical surface preparation materials for nearly a century, the J.I. Morris product line has found a new home. Operating out of JH Rhodes, UNIVERSAL PHOTONICS' ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility in Vernon, NY, assures continued product quality, integrity, reliable delivery, and expert customer service to guide you to the best solution for your finishing applications.